Why we need musicology (a timely reminder)

Why we need musicology (a timely reminder)


norman lebrecht

February 19, 2016

A CBC presenter in loose tie and suspenders attempts, in the film below, to retell the story of Brahms’s Lullaby. The film is over-produced, unadulterated, mostly counter-factual balderdash.

Brahms, we are told, got ‘screwed up… couldn’t trust his own feelings’.

Musicology is needed to confront and deconstruct this epidemic of classic-lite music history.

secret brahms lullaby


  • Eddie Mars says:

    “Pass the sick bag, Alice!”

    (c) Private Eye.

  • Holly Golightly says:

    It’s axiomatic that we need Musicology. Brahms doesn’t need defending either!

  • Una says:

    Well, it’s very American, but for anyone who knows nothing about Brahms or his music, and not into – er – musicology, it may serve a purpose and a bit over the top perhaps of social history. It’s not for those people who have degrees in music history.

  • Thomas says:

    I’m flabbergasted! Tom Allen is the ONLY presenter on CBC Radio 2 daytime with an IQ over 100 (the hours before him each morning you’re in romper room with Julie, for the minutes you can tolerate her mindlessness.) I simply cannot fathom the purpose of this production.

  • Gerhard says:

    It seems to me that no musicology is needed. Common sense and a little bit of good taste would suffice.

  • Una says:

    I don’t know why we’re even commentating on it when it obviously wasn’t intended for the musically educated or people who already know a lot about Brahms. But given the poor and deprived part of London from where I was born, it would have its place in introducing someone to the life of Brahms, not just his music – or even Brahms’s name or those who wouldn’t be culture know the Brahms Lullaby – many don’t!

  • Peter says:

    Hah, hilarious, a bunch of snobby pretenders, not knowing “their Brahms” because for obviously missing the huge mistake, try to claim superior expertise by looking down at this cineastically elaborate clip.
    Find the mistake yourself, morons.

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