Venezuelan is next US music director

Venezuelan is next US music director


norman lebrecht

February 18, 2016

Tucson Symphony have picked José Luis Gomez after a 30-month search.

Venezuela born and now a Spanish citizen, Gomez, 37, won the 2010 Solti conducting contest.





  • Robert says:

    “Venezuela born and now a Spanish citizen…”

    Anyone know why the switch?

    • Cubs Fan says:

      Given the terrible conditions in Venezuela since the Chavez regime came it, who would want to live there? Shortages of everything from electricity to toilet paper, rampant violent crime…Socialism is such a wonderful thing. He’s a terrific and exciting conductor who I hope brings renewed interest and excitement to the Tucson Symphony. It’s a wonderful, talented group of woefully underpaid professionals. Looking forward to this weekend’s concerts with him.

      • ruben greenberg says:

        Cubs: How do the musicians of the Tucson Symphony earn a living? Do they teach in local public schools and at the University of Arizona. It seems to me that Tucson is now big enough to have a full-time symphony orchestra. It is true that they play very well.