Teen jumps in for injured concertmaster

Teen jumps in for injured concertmaster


norman lebrecht

February 10, 2016

Rising Seattle soloist Simone Porter will play the Barber Concerto in Cincinnati next week in place of concertmaster Timothy Lees, who’s suffering a stress injury, Janelle Gelfand reports.

Simone, now 19, spent her teens commuting by air twice weekly to Los Angeles in order to study at the Colburn School. When I heard her there two years ago, I wrote: ‘she is going to make it to the big time very soon.’


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  • Fernando says:

    Ms. Porter was the soloist in a performance of Barber’s concerto last year in Rio de Janeiro, with Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and conductor Lee Mills. Unfortunently, I was not there. But I attended her performance of Mozart’s String Quartet No. 15, in D minor (she was joined by musicians of the same band), the following day, and I had a very good impression. Local press appreciated too. I wish her good luck, and the same triumph in Cincinnati.

  • Dennis says:

    she is smoking hot

  • Freddynyc says:

    I had initially thought she filled in for an indisposed concertmaster in that very position……

  • GoAway says:

    You’re all quite disgusting (except Fernando). Hot girl = sexist, offensive jokes. Good luck I to her. She’s clearly talented. Would you make those vile comments if she were a young man? No.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why refer to her as a “teen”? One would not refer to another violinist as a “pensioner” or a “middle aged person”. She is a violinist, and what is of importance is how she plays. To define her by her age, or any other non-musical characteristic (sex, ethnicity etc.), is disrespectful to her as an artist.

  • Ross says:

    Good violinist, nothing special, IMO.
    Since we are talking about looks, I’ll add that she definitely gets sold off of her looks. Which is fine; actors, politicians, and models experience the same, regardless of their other qualifications.

  • Adam hollander says:

    She wears that dress so she looks beautiful and charming on stage,…

    The term “teen” has come to take on a lascivious connotation these days. Maybe you refer to her prodigious talents. But it is hard it 2016 for there not to be a untoward insinuation…..I.e. not to be a “teen” that is searchable on PornHub.

    I commend her for her style and I hope she is a great talent that we can all apreciate.