Simon Rattle: My father met my mother in a record store

Searching for something else, we came across this almost unwatched and altogether fascinating video of the Berlin Philharmonic music director reminiscing about his musical antecedents in the multicultural city of Liverpool.

The infrastructures and organisations he describes still exist – except for the record stores.

epstein liverpool

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  • I think that was a moving interview, with Rattle reflecting on his musical roots.

    That must be the music store owned by Brian Epstein’s family.

      • Why Yes Epstein’s Is a Jewish deli in Yonkers…
        Excellent pickles . Good coleslaw
        the knish is, eh.
        But….drumroll, please: they have Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry Soda! Otherwise referred to as “Jewish superhero juice”.

  • As the UK’s main transatlantic passenger port in the days of the liners, Liverpool has always had strong links with New York! It’s also got the oldest-established black and Chinese communities in the UK, a thriving Jewish community, largest Welsh population outside Cardiff, it’s practically half-Irish, and has Polish and Scandinavian communities large enough to have their own churches as long as a century ago. And the Viennese flautist, humorist, composer and lexicographer Fritz Spiegl, who settled in the city after the Anschluss, said that the local dialect, Scouse, was the closest equivalent he’d found in English to Viennese dialect.

    A tremendous city: and it’s produced England’s greatest pop group, greatest conductor and two of its finest pianists – Paul Lewis and Stephen Hough. When Manchester and Birmingham quarrel over which is the UK’s ‘second city’, we Liverpudlians just look on amused. We’ve always known the answer – the Second City is London.

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