Remember the dancing conductor? He’s back with a singing version

The irrepressible Joseph R. Olefirowicz was one of the early stars on Slipped Disc, playing to a hidden camera in a Vienna Volksoper performance of Leonard Bernstein’s Candide.

Well, folks, he’s back. Larger than life and storming the ramparts in a blockbuster Kismet.

An effervescent video to kick off your weekend.


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  • Love this! No wonder the band sounds so good! This conductor would make me want to play well, too! He’s fantastic!

  • Ahh, brings back good memories from my last trip to cuba in the tropicana…..

    This was not in a concert hall was it?

    Oh wait….

  • Great fun, great entertainment plus this guy really knows what he is doing!
    The band sounds terrific too, no wonder.

  • A great thing about this guy is that his enthusiasm is clearly picked up by the orchestra.

    We’ve all seen too many Lenny-wannabes thrashing around whilst the orch plays like dead meat. But this guy is galvanizing everybody !

    Thanks for much for posting this ! Let’s all keep an eye out for more Olefirowicz sightings.

  • Hm. When a female conductor does the exact same thing – dancing on music like a cartoon character in front of an orchestra (eg Alondra de la Parra), everyone freaks out. If this happens to be a male maestro, everyone (without exception) praises him. Isn’t it interesting?

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