Moscow concerts society sells $1.4 million of tickets in a day

Moscow concerts society sells $1.4 million of tickets in a day


norman lebrecht

February 02, 2016


Tass reports: Moscow State Philharmonia Society on the first day of subscription ticket sales earned 88 million rubles today.

In the foyer of the Tchaikovsky’s Concert Hall for customers were created the most comfortable conditions : chairs, a buffet, duty medical care The cost of subscription for adult varies from 400 to 4000 Rubles (5 – 50$). The cost of children’s subscription is around 600 rubles.

Today Moscow Philharmonia consists of different venues, among them are: Tchaikovsky Concert Hall (pictured), the Philharmonic Chamber Hall, and also Large, Small and Rachmaninov halls of the Conservatory, and the new “Philharmonic-2” Hall, which was opened a year and a half ago in the south-west of Moscow.

The interest in subscriptions this year, probably, was caused primarily by low prices. Compared to previous years, they have not risen. Another caveat is the simultaneous start of sales of almost all two hundred subscriptions. In the past year, they were selling part by part, at intervals of several weeks.

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  • MacroV says:

    The headline is misleading. The Moscow State Philhamonic Society (Not to be confused with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra) is the umbrella presenting organization for most concerts presented in the main Moscow halls, and by most of the main Moscow orchestras. In addition, many Russian solo performers are listed as “Soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic Society” and in a typical season may appear with several orchestras and in chamber music and recitals under its auspices. Though some, like the Russian National Orchestra, usually rent the halls and sell tickets through their own channels. Hundreds of concerts each season. The Moscow music scene is incredible, and in the past tickets were pretty reasonably priced, especially if you were paid in hard currencies.

  • David Briggs says:

    I just played an organ concert in the Svetlanov Hall (House of Music), Moscow tonight. 1500 people, inspite of a snow storm. Transcriptions of Susato, Faure, Cochereau, Brahms, Berlioz and Ravel (La Valse). Many fur coats and great enthusiasm for music. It was extremely exciting. The organ is seemingly considered as mainstream here as the solo piano, violin, cello, trumpet, Chamber Ensemble, Full Orchestra….

    • Victoria says:

      Svetlanov Hall acoustically is not good if to compare to other halls.
      An as for fur coats – when 5 months a year (November-April) we have snow and fresh frost, so why not?

  • Sergey says:

    As said, this is the Moscow state philharmonic society, the main presenter on Moscow’s music scene. For the next season, the society has stacked some 187 subscription series, around 4 concerts in each, ranging from concerts for children via chamber recitals and symphony concerts to folk dance groups. Thus, some 700+ concerts a year in one city by one presenter.