Lang Lang crashes in on Hateful Eight

The opportunistic pianist has filmed his own version of the Ennio Morricone score for the Oscar-nominated film.

He does not miss a note, or a trick.

Lang Lang’s performance shot on location on Feb 2 at the Rosewood Hotel Beijing, directed and produced by Harvey Weinstein, co-directed by Tobias Reeuwijk, co-produced by Bey Logan and Sharon Zhang. 

At last year’s Oscars, Lang Lang became besties (below) with best score composer Alexandre Desplat.

desplat lang lang

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  • Lang Lang is what he is and to take cheap pot shots at him shows a failure to understanding
    what he is about .Every piano player before the public is opportunistic …..

  • You never miss a chance to take a shot at this artist, calling him “opportunistic.” Why do you always leave out the links that show him in a more favourable light? In this conversation, he tells quite a lot of why he does some of the things he does, ,and the origins of it include some people you seem to esteem.

  • Oh Norman, again with that picture! At least be accurate in your contempt for Lang Lang. The alleged “Oscar picture” you again posted is from the Grammy Awards, not the Oscars and it’s not from last year but from January 2014. When Mr. Desplat was at last year’s Oscars in Hollywood, Lang Lang was on the Eastern coast of the United States (the other side of the country).

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