LA Phil chills on Iceland

Among the highlights of the 2016/17 season, just announced:

Reykjavík Festival – curated by Conductor Laureate Esa-Pekka Salonen with Icelandic composer Daníel Bjarnason, a festival which includes a Green Umbrella performance of newly commissioned works, orchestral performances, popular and world music concerts, interdisciplinary collaborations, visual and installation art, chamber music, a TSFY program, lectures and film.

It’s a lot more interesting than the average US orch.

Full season here.


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  • I agree. North American orchestras seem fixated on marketing to Millennials. They no longer take classical music seriously. If they really wanted to attract them, perhaps they should consider using the concert hall as a venue for them to ‘hook up’ with each other. Even better, stop playing classical music and hire rock bands and serve alcohol. That will bring them in!

    The Rekyavik Festival looks serious, as it should. One quick observation (and it’s about marketing). Do not use a graphic of a boat that cannot float.

    • Yes, because it’s a known fact that the young generation despises Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms, but they just love newer classical music that gets played in concert halls.
      They should do music by this Daníel Bjarnason in major cities in the USA. I bet thousands and thousands of young people under the age of 25 would be knocking the door down to come and hear it. Classical music would be saved.

      • QFT. It would save them multiple hefty mailers, postcards, and phone calls during the year. Impossible to get off their mailing and telemarketer lists.

        But the BPO will be coming in November. Would be nice to see them in person again in addition to seeing them via the Digital Concert Hall.

    • It looks like a great season to me — lots of novelty and diversity, new and old music, things I like but have never heard live (the Janacek Mass, for example), great guest artists. But you sound bitter. I can’t see why — this is not a personal affront to you. There’s no shame in not liking this kind of programming, and it’s easy to stay away. The LA Phil seems to be doing fine without you.

      • Not getting the bitter comment. I thought I acknowledged their bringing in the BPO?

        Agree that they’re free to do what they wish. Not sure why they won’t drop folks who aren’t interested since they are as you say getting other audiences. Seems silly to advertise unavailable seats.

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