Elton John takes up busking at Eurostar station

Elton John takes up busking at Eurostar station


norman lebrecht

February 13, 2016

When he finished, he made the station a gift of his piano – a Yamaha grand.
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  • Patrick says:

    They sure don’t make Yamaha grands like they used to…

  • Milka says:

    Clever publicity stunt to sell piano . Bet he went home with nifty load of cash …….

    • Eddie Mars says:

      Obviously the word “gift” doesn’t feature in your highly limited vocabulary.

      You thrive on hatred, don’t you?? It nourishes your soul.

      • V.Lind says:

        You are so right, Eddie Mars. When I read this item I thought, what a lovely gesture. And how great a kick-off — the travelling public will be delighted to run their fingers over a piano played by Elton John. It will brighten their day.

        It takes a very nasty view of humanity to see this so cynically. Sir Elton can easily afford it, he may have reasons of his own for making it, but its net result was a few surprising and thrilling moments for a random group of people and a residual good thing.

  • RW2013 says:

    The iPhone zombies out in force as usual…

  • Geoff r says:

    I guess they forgot to listen while they had their tinkly phones pointing at his head.

    • Dave T says:

      It would be less of a story and blog post, or none at all, but for these tinkly phoned zombies.
      At least we would have been spared such comments.

  • Jo Hammond says:

    If this is a real––not electronic––piano, how will the station keep it tuned in such varied temperatures and humidity?

  • Nicola Lefanu says:

    I was at the station this morning and the piano is not to be seen. Just the usual 3 or 4 uprights. So, it’s already become a museum piece rather than something for public consumption.