Exclusive: Daniil Trifonov plays full recital with a damaged wrist

Exclusive: Daniil Trifonov plays full recital with a damaged wrist


norman lebrecht

February 15, 2016

Green room visitors at the Wigmore Hall were shocked to find that the recitalist had played a full programme with one wrist in surgical strapping. But nothing stops Trifonov when he’s on fire.


trifonov wrist2


It appears that he’d suffered a fall while on a photoshoot in Cologne, hurting his right hand. By the time his plane landed in London, he was in acute pain. On Saturday, his friend and piano supplier Terry Lewis took him to A&E. They found nothing broken, but damage to the soft tissue. An orthopaedic specialist was called on the phone to advise, but Daniil was determined to go ahead with the recital come what may. It was a rare four-hander with his teacher, Sergei Babayan.

Later, Daniil told visitors that they had shifted some heavier passages onto Babayan to reduce pressure on his wrist, but no-one noticed.

Erica Worth, editor of Pianist magazine (who took the pictures!), writes:

‘Two astounding musicians, Rachmaninov Suites to die for, Two Faziolis that sounded amazing – and tuned to perfection. A real rare event. In the third movement of the first suite, I was in tears.’

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  • Concerned Citizen says:

    Dear God, greatest pianist of his generation is also a one-man slapstick comedy routine. It’d be hilarious if he weren’t always injuring himself. Wasn’t it a concussion last time? Can nothing be done to help this guy learn some basic balance? What will become of the piano world if he pulls a Fritz Wunderlich? Will no one think of the FANS?!

  • debussyste says:

    He is so incredible and apparently a very gentle young man !

  • Emma says:

    As always magnificent performance from Daniil! I hope he will recover soon.

    • Holly Golightly says:

      I’ve seen many of his performances on U-Tube and he’s very impressive, is ‘the Triff”. Injuries to the hand and wrist are the very worst thing imaginable for a musician; ask Murray Perahia!! Get well soon, Daniil.

  • Steinway Fanatic says:

    What kind of teacher would allow his pupil to perform with a damaged wrist?

  • Holly Golightly says:

    I do worry about “The Triff’s” posture. Take a look at this:


  • Paul Murphy says:

    Not smart. Gifted artists — example, Gary Graffman — have sacrificed their careers as pianists by playing concerts despite injuries.

  • Delbert Flynn says:

    Gifted, indeed.
    Is he possessed by a demonic spirit?
    Youth, no matter what gifts they possess, can be foolish believing they are invinceable…he, Trifinov should be cared for by someone who can guide to help him understand how foolish it is perform with injuries that possibly could end or curtail a brilliant career.