Cecilia Bartoli wins a Polar million

The Polar Prize winners for 2016 have just been announced, one from serious music the other from pop.

The Italian mezzo will receive 1m Swedish crowns (about $150,000).

A Swedish songwriter known as Max Martin is her opposite number.

Past winners include Chuck Berry, Björk, Steve Reich and Peter Sellars.

The winners get to make a big, world-relayed speech.

bartoli St--Petersburg--Teaser

UPDATE: The announcement video, with anachronistic commentary and a gormless interviewer:

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  • Polar prize is the most ridiculous of all of them.
    It’s all about an unknown foundation buying big names to make themselves appear more important. I just hope the prize winners would also see that and donate the money for an actually worthy cause, only in which case it would be win-win for everybody.

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