Carreras announces farewell tour

The Catalan tenor, who is 69, has told a Berlin press conference that he’s on the way out. His ‘Final World Tour’ will run for a year.


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  • I had no idea he was still singing at all.

    One of the most beautiful tenor voices ever-as with many of the breed, he sang roles that were too heavy for him, essentially ruined his voice, and this was before his terrible illness.

    Franco Corelli, a great vocal technician and student of voices once made an interesting observation about Carreras’ voice-that he was a true natural tenor, had no passaggio, no need of it.

  • I’m genuinely surprised that Jose has lived to 69 and been able to continue working because of his horrendous Leukemia treatment decades ago. He came very close to death and now he looks a picture of health. I’d say he’s very grateful for his life and career.

    Good luck Jose Carreras.

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