Abbado’s orchestra is aiming for a comeback

The Orchestra Mozart of Bologna, founded and conducted by Claudio Abbado, for the last ten years of his life, has announced that, after more than two years of ‘suspension’, they are trying to make a comeback.

The ‘suspension’ was caused by the withdrawal of funding, rumoured to be 3 million Euros a year, by a Bologna bank foundation, Fondazione CaRisBo.

They pulled out when Abbado was in his final bout of illness. The orchestra players will try to replace those amounts by crowdfunding, with a view to relaunching in 2017.

Next month, Soloists of Orchestra Mozart will play a chamber concert in Bologna to support the relaunch.

We hear that they have approached Bernard Haitink to conduct the opening concert. None of the Abbado family appear to be involved.


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  • Good news if confirmed! Haitink has already conducted the orchestra when Abbado was ill. I remember a very good Beethoven concert with Pires in Brussels.

  • I can’t imagine crowd funding working especially in Europe where people are used to the arts handed to them as a God given right on a subsidized platter.

    In America, “crowd funding” is called “the price I just paid for this ticket”, lol.

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