What to give Alfred Brendel for his 85th birthday?

What to give Alfred Brendel for his 85th birthday?


norman lebrecht

January 04, 2016

It’s tomorrow, and we haven’t bought him anything.

Quick lads, find a box.

Not that one, never going to be big enough.

Get a packing case. With his picture on it. Fill it with his recordings. All of them.

That’ll do.


brendel 85

Bloody hell, he’ll never be able to lift that on his own.

Call house management.

l-r: Paul Moseley, Managing Director, Decca Classics; Costa Pilavachi, SVP Artists and Repertoire Universal Global Classics; Barry Holden, VP Catalogue, Universal Global Classics


  • Pianofortissimo says:

    Maurizio Pollini and Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli were also born in January 5th. This date could well become the World Pianist Day.

  • Saoshyant says:

    It’s funny how you NEVER ever in the classical recording biz see the content creators, the sound engineers, the producers, the technicians, also the graphic designers, being part of the public presentation of the industries’ achievements.

    I’m sure that Brendel box was created by an impressive team of creative recording professionals. Where are they? Why are there three executive suits handing over the box, but not a single content creator?
    Why is it so different than in the film industry? There the top movie directors and camera men are respected and prominent figures and in the spotlight, right behind the actors. The executive suits there are more in the shade.

    Why is the classical recording business hiding its creative professionals like a red headed step child?

  • Robert Kenchington says:

    Knowing Universal, the box probably arrived with a bent corner – notice how the ‘suits’ are holding it!