Vienna Phil still short of the price of a house

The orchestra’s crowdfunder for its purchase of a disused inn for Syrian refugees is still short of target.

With 11 days to go, it has raised 58,430 Euros. It needs 75,000.

You can help them reach the required amount by donating here.


vienna philharmonic inn

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  • Waste of money. Give it instead to Red Cross who help people on the spot. For €75.000 you could buy food, water, blankets and medicin for hundreds, not say thousands – why use the money on a luxury mansion for (probably) a handful of men in their best age?

    • I am glad to see common sense here. Just be warned that the usual hysterics will begin and someone will call you a racist.

      Let us remember these ‘refugees’ have illegally passed through multiple safe countries. A real refugee claims asylum in the first safe region. For most, that is Turkey.

  • In view of the treatment of women by some of these people in Germany and Finland – all too obviously planned and by refugees affilliated to IS – my sympathy has much diminished.

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