Tehran Symphony is suspended by conductor until players get paid

Tehran Symphony is suspended by conductor until players get paid


norman lebrecht

January 04, 2016

Ali Rahbari, music director of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, has said there will be no more concerts until the players get paid. He cancelled two performances last week over ‘disorder and mismanagement’.

Rahbari said: ‘Unfortunately many musicians have quit due to disorder in pay over the past few months. He added: ‘I have not resigned because I have promised to stay in Iran to rebuild the orchestra by all means.’

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  • Olassus says:

    This has not been a good weekend for Iran’s image.

    • CDH says:

      Not sure Iran was the chief perpetrator in the weekend’s strife. Though their propensity for storming embassies was something I had hoped they had put behind them. But this time, perhaps, there was provocation.

      • Rose-Colored Glasses says:

        Oh, like there was no provocation last time? Other than that the CIA sacked Iran’s democratically elected leader and installed the Shah – whose vicious SAVAK terrorized Iranians to prop up his regime? Oh, come on…

    • G Berns says:

      Is there ever a good time for Iran’s image considering they they promote terrorism worldwide and suppress frredom in their own country? The failure of the orchestra, bad though it is, is only a minor item in their catalogue of evil.

  • Neil van der Linden says:

    And they are two weeks away from the concerto with that British conductor, the first Brit to conduct in Teheran in ages.