Spanish trumpet wins US principal seat

Spanish trumpet wins US principal seat


norman lebrecht

January 12, 2016

We’re informed that Antonio Marti has been granted tenure as principal trumpet of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra in Charleston, South Carolina, effective immediately.

Born in Valencia in 1978, Marti studied at Mannes and has played in the New York Philharmonic, Madrid Symphony, Japan Philharmonic, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra and more.



  • Robert Sullivan says:

    Congratulations Tony!

  • Bill Cook says:


  • Rodrigo says:

    Good. Always glad to hear about a Spaniard occupying an orch. position in another country.

    At some point Spain is going to have to lose its xenophophia and rabid nationalism about foreigners occupying positions in Spanish orchestras when they finally acknowledge how many Spaniards are holding jobs, and very good ones, in other countries.

    Does the US not have qualified trumpet players? If the shoe were on the other foot here and an American trumpet player even showed up to audition for a Valencian orchestra, which is Mr. Marti’s home, he/she would be run out of town – dimissed for whatever reason they could invent.

    Valencians are the most insular and unaccepting of foreigners of any musicians in Spain. Spaniards in general never stop whining about all the foreigners who have the audacity to occupy Spanish orch. positions. Valencians would never even give a foreigner a chance to begin with.

    And yet the US welcomes this Valencian trumpet player into one of its orchs over US candidates. Pure irony. Complete double standard that Spaniards fail to recognize.