Smoking kills…

boulez stockhausen cigarette

… slowly.

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  • I wanted to comment with something witty, but my wife, two daughters, and most of my staff strongly advised against it.

  • Seeing Boulez and Stockhausen together here reminds me that the whole wonderful generation has passed now:

    Xenakis, Ligeti, Feldman, Cage, Henze, Berio, Nono, Kagel, Lutoslawski, Carter

  • Despite being obviously much taller, the face of the guy on the right looks a bit like the one of Lionel Messi (anyone here ever heard of him?). 😀

  • Helmut Schmidt was a chain-smoker all his adult life yet lived to be 96 – in good health too, apart from some difficulty in walking.

  • I remember seeing a photo of Pierre Boulez uncorking a bottle of wine with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. It was an old photograph; considering the ease with which he conducted orchestras even in his later years indicates he quit smoking decades ago.

    But maybe not. Maybe Woody Allen was right all along (see: movie, Sleepers).

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