Opera appoints 25 year-old artist in residence

He’s a composer, conductor, pianist and writer with a year’s worth of big buzz behind him. The NY Times magazine headlined him the Great Hope of Opera.

Now it has been announced that as of next season, Matthew Aucoin will be spending eight weeks a year at LA Opera, learning the ropes and filling in with all his multifarious skills.

‘I’m honored and humbled,’ says Matthew. 


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  • Be wary of concentrating resources in any single person, however talented, and in fact the bigger the talent the warier one must be, because it tends to stifle a lot of healthy competition and development in other directions.

    Look at Boulez in France, or Karajan in Germany. No doubt 2 extraordinarily talented and deserving musicians. But during their reigns, the most significant developments in classical music came from outside their country.

  • Apparently a genius…. not even Mozart got that far at that age. Finally we have a 21C Great Wunderkind Composer, complete with Other Benefits, expected to produce operatic masterpieces right away, and immediately publicly recognized institutionally, all this is a veritable unique event and the first of its kind in music history.

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