Opera America now has a women’s page

Our attention has been drawn to Women’s Opera Network, hosted by Opera America.

Mission statement:

Acknowledging the under-representation of women in arts leadership positions as a critical concern, a capacity crowd convened at the May 2015 Annual Conference for a very spirited, substantive and productive conversation. Now, a few months later, our shared commitment bears fruit with the creation of the Women’s Opera Network.

With the support of OPERA America and all of you, we commit to creating an ongoing dialogue where we share resources, information, and insights in order to develop robust opportunities and innovative programs that will benefit women across our field.
– Deborah Sandler, Chairman

The bottom line? In opera companies with the largest budgets fewer than eight percent employ a female general director, and there is no sign of improvement. All recent vacancies have gone to men.

Visit the page here.


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  • What in the world does that graphic really have to do with this story? Maybe if it was Mrs. Met in front of the Met Opera, maybe….but this is ridiculous as an illustration.

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