New Year’s treat: Glenn Gould plays Shostakovich quintet

glenn gould piano stool

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  • What a marvellously lyrical performance! Thank you, Norman – this was a wonderful start to the New Year over a late breakfast 🙂

  • Given Gould’s aversion to public performance, I don’t suppose many readers can say that they’ve seen him play live…but I saw him very early in his career, about sixty years ago, when I was a schoolboy in Hamilton Ontario. He played in one of the downtown theatres at a recital put on for young people, and must have been in his early twenties. I wish I could remember how he sounded, but of course at that time he wasn’t famous, and I didn’t realize I was watching a genius. All I remember is how strange he looked on his chair with the short legs, reaching up to the keyboard as it seemed…a memorable image….

  • Out of this world !! I believe he made his D.C. debut on this day (1/2) in 1955. I also believe that in most of his chamber music videos, he plays from memory. It’s a shame that he didn’t live to bring his music to the Internet.

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