Luxury sub: Gheorghiu steps in at Covent Garden

Announcement on the ROH website: 

Amanda Echalaz has had to withdraw from Tosca on 25 and 29 January due to illness.

The Royal Opera is extremely grateful to Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu, who will now sing the role for these performances.

Tickets are, as they say, still available. Word at the box-office is that ROH is having a tough season.




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    • We have just reached the end of the first quarter of the financial year, the Winter Season 2015/16 For this period across all performances at the ROH, opera and ballet, we have played to 96% capacity achieving 89% cash capacity. We do not paper, but for the minority of productions we may run targetted promotions that involve some kind of financial incentive.

    • If the ROH is having a tough time (and Mr Lebrecht must know more than the rest of us) surely this must have something to do with the lamentable quality of the new productions in the last year or so (Ballo/Tell/Idomeneo u.s.w.) All the more strange that Holten was offered a contract extension

      What on earth is going on?

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