Kleiber won’t lend Bernstein his new LP

bernstein kleiber

Captions, please.



h/t: DH

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  • Indeed, this is a children’s toy from the 1980s…

    Carlos: ‘Lenny, if I give you this you will only end up throwing it out of your pram’

    Lenny: ‘But Papa Franco said I could have it first!’

  • LB: “I love you, Carlos baby, you are a smart boy that you found it, but now give me my whiskey back.”

    CK: “Only if you guess who my real father is.”

    • Carlos Kleiber was not the son of Alban Berg. You’ve been reading too many gossip rags. Carlos was the living image of his sister, Veronica. Is she a Berg baby too? Arrant nonsense.

  • CK: ‘You always cry like a child when I am around so look what I brought you!’

    Lenny: ‘Hey it’s Carlos Simon! What does it play? “We’re so vain”?!’

  • Kleiber: This is the only way I can understand Stravinsky and Messiaen.
    Bernstein: Really ? Then I’d better have a go after you !

  • CK: Lenny, I brought you a little something to use around the villa.

    LB: a children’s game?

    CK: no man, a bigger scarf!!!

  • CK: Hey Lenny! There’s this twit named Norman Lebrecht who thinks this late 70’s electronic game is some sort of music album! Can you imagine?!
    LB: I know, I know. He’s been a pain in my kiester for quite some time.

  • CK; We all know I’m more beautiful than you – and I can actually conduct.

    LB: But Franco says I’m more beautiful.

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