Just in: Fallen maestro is fit to fly (Netrebko’s fine, too)

Just in: Fallen maestro is fit to fly (Netrebko’s fine, too)


norman lebrecht

January 25, 2016

The weekend’s casualties have recovered fast.

Gennady Rozhdestvensky, whose fall on his way to conduct the Dresden Philharmonic caused the concert to be cancelled, is up and about today. His agent tells Slipped Disc: ‘he is okay to travel to Stockholm today and hopes to fly to Chicago next week.’

Meanwhile, Anna Netrebko has posted a short video message on Instagram to say her leg is unstrapped and she’s back in rehearsal. ‘My health is now much better and my foot is almost fine,’ she reports.

Monday morning, back to work.

gennady rozhdestvensky


  • Eddie Mars says:

    Glad to hear Rozhdestvensky is fine 🙂

  • Jj says:

    He is lazy and a hypochondriac. I worked with him and he had an assistant who ended up doing the 1st half of some concerts. He cancelled loads of rehearsals and caused a lot of trouble with the orchestral seating. Power mad. Overrated.