It’s NY vs LA for first US Boulez tribute

It’s NY vs LA for first US Boulez tribute


norman lebrecht

January 08, 2016

New York’s offbeat Le Poisson Rouge has swiftly arranged a tribute concert for Saturday night.
“Au Revoir, Pierre: A Tribute to the Life and Works of Pierre Boulez,” will involve Claire Chase, Taka Kigawa, Ensemble LPR, Miranda Cuckson, and Metropolis Ensemble, plus a whole load of other musicians who are clamouring to get in. Program will be announced shortly, they say.

boulez tribute LPR

Meanwhile, across the country, the LA Phil are putting finishing touches at Walt Disney Hall on a rare main-stage performance of  Boulez’s “Memoriale” for flute and 8 instruments with conductor Daniel Harding and principal flute Denis Bouriakov.

harding denis

Any more this weekend?

Nothing in London? (Are we surprised?)


  • apasquill says:

    Have you actually asked London based ensembles? Or just assuming?

  • CDH says:

    And there you have it. Not a reporter. A recipient of press releases. Please bear that in mind, posters who are constantly demanding why the blog-owner has not pursued this, that or the other aspect of a story (to ensure accuracy, usually). Not his job.

  • M2N2K says:

    A curious thing about LA Phil performing Boulez’s Memoriale in this weekend’s three subscription concerts is that the piece was already included in the program nearly a year ago when the entire season was first announced to the public: an amazingly serendipitous planning by the guest conductor Daniel Harding and the orchestra’s artistic management!
    It is a moving tribute to an important musical figure of last century. When I had the pleasure of performing with him on many occasions as an orchestra member as well as a soloist, he was always unfailingly generous and pleasant to me and my colleagues.