Israel Opera chief steps down

Israel Opera chief steps down


norman lebrecht

January 02, 2016

Hanna Munitz has announced her retirement after 21 years as chief executive.

She kept the company running but was unpopular with artists, especially conductors, some of whom she fired with extreme acrimony. She lacked charm and was not renowned for gratitude.

Apparently 120 candidates applied for the vacancy the day it was advertised.

Munitz will depart in the summer of 2016.

hanna munitz


  • Fred says:

    I met the woman only twice and that was at the very beginning of her tenure.
    She was really nice and friendly and certainly not lacking in charm. Just this remark of a first hand witness who experienced her differently at a certain moment.

  • Hans Daalder says:

    I don’t recognize this bitter comment at all. Fond memories, Hanna!