How to join your local subharmonic

Things you never knew.

‘How many practical uses are there? Practically none…’Pregnant woman with violin

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  • Thank you, Nathan. I’m proud to have played a part in your education so that you could sink into the world of sub-harmonics. I sure that Felix Galimir is (almost) pleased. He used to wear a blazer with buttons on it that read: “Honi soit qui mal y pense.” May that be the motto of your new game show efforts. Please show this technique to the Dude.

  • With some adaptation, this technique could make celli and basses redundant. If also developed on the woodwinds, that group could also be considerably reduced, offering an opportunity to cut expenses with orchestras threatened by funding shortage.

  • What a fun video, especially the Tchaikovsky “advice”. I used to make similar noise on my cello – the principle is of course exactly the same and you can play notes a seventh lower on the C string.

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