They didn’t play it. They *were* it.

They didn’t play it. They *were* it.


norman lebrecht

January 24, 2016

Beginning a weekend diary by Anthea Kreston, new 2nd violinist of the Artemis Quartet.

Part 1: Packing up my life.

anthea kreston

May 20, 1995

Dear Diary,

Last night a truly spectacular thing happened.  I am here at Juilliard with my string quartet as a participant in the Juilliard Advanced Quartet Seminar, and last night was the final concert. Quartets from around the world are here – wonderful, amazing quartets – to work intensely, one-on-one with the Juilliard quartet.  I recently graduated from Curtis, and am in Cleveland with the Avalon quartet – we have been together for a year working with Donald Weilerstein and Peter Salaff of the Cleveland Quartet.

As a musician, my goal is to always find that intangible quality – I am not sure what to call it – Time Travel? Full Heart Experience? Where time stands still, all that exists is the music and my heart – an Out-Of-Body experience. I have been able to enter “The Zone” for years – I am addicted!  But it has only ever happened when I am playing by myself. To enter “The Zone” with others – is this possible?

Last night was the final concert. After we played, I went to hear the rest of the quartets play. There is a quartet here from Germany – the Artemis Quartet. They played Schubert G Major. Wait – they didn’t play it – they WERE it.  Somehow it happened. They took me with them – without even realizing it – I felt like the world stopped and my heart opened – and I traveled with them to this heart-stopping, incredible world. Time Stood Still. When it was over, I reached up and felt my face wet with tears. I had entered ” The Zone” with strangers. I was addicted. To the Artemis Quartet.

January 23, 2016

Fast forward 20 years, a full career later, a husband of 18 years, children, a full life. In my living room of my old beautiful home in rural Oregon, surrounded by a loving community and friends.  I am packing. We are moving all together – husband, two children (age 4&6) to Berlin because I am the new second violinist of the Artemis Quartet. We leave in 16 days. So begins the journey of a lifetime.



  • Allan Green says:

    What a glorious story! Best wishes to the Artemis Four.