Detroit lures principal viola from Toronto

The Detroit Symphony, seen not long ago as a welfare case in a ruined city, is regenerating with real talent.

Latest recruit is Eric Nowlin, 35, currently associate principal viola at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Over recent months Leonard Slatkin has added a concertmaster and principal clarinet, flute, bass, timpani, percussion, cello and oboe.

eric nowlin

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  • New ORford (blame autocorrect?). Its members already are divided between the Montreal and Toronto symphonies, so hard to see how a move to Detroit would make things any more complicated.

    • Gulp. Living in the UK has been messing with my geography, clearly.

      True about the split between orchestras, but it makes one another orchestral schedule to coordinate.

  • Congratulations to Eric on the new position! He’ll stay with the New Orford String Quartet which was recently praised for being “the finest new string quartet in recent memory” by Scott Cantrell in the Dallas Morning News.

  • Eric is a fabulous player and a great guy. I’ll never forget how beautifully he played in the Naumburg Competition finals. Bravo Eric!

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