Death of a Danish pioneer, 91

Else Marie Pade, imprisoned under the German occupation, became an electronic music pioneer after a 1952 meeting in Darmstadt with the musique concrète inventor, Pierre Schaeffer.

Her 1959 breakthrough work, ‘Symphonie magnetophonique’, is composed entirely of everyday sounds.


Else Marie Pade

More here (in Danish).

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  • Sounds kind of similar to Hoffnung’s Symphony for Three Vacuum Cleaners with Electric Kettle Obligato – – or whatever it was called.

  • When I was a university music composition student 30 years later the professors were still doing this sort of stuff and imagining they were being very experimental and daring.

  • Here’s another candidate for “Who Killed Classical Music”. This is just noise, suitable for a cheesy 1960’s sci-fi thriller.

  • Hello Norman, You must be *so* proud of these informed, articulate comments left by readers. In fact Pade was a composer blessed with sensitive ears and a brilliant imagination. Her work deserves to be celebrated by those for whom listening still matters.

    • It would be more appropriate to phrase it as follows: ‘… those for whom listening to sonic art still matters’. Musical imagination is something different from sonic imagination.

      • I’d say it’s revealing that practically every answer you leave here – and on the Spectator website last week – shuffles around exactly the same handful of well worn cliches and descriptors. A bit like your music – which shows neither musical nor sonic imagination – and only a rudimentary grasp of technique. Your comments are narrow-minded and too often misogynistic. You really are a boring little man, with a deeply trivial mind.

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