Classical music on the night bus

After midnight in Moscow, that’s what they’ll be playing.

And the buses will be equipped with free wi-fi, says bus company CEO Yevgeny Mikhailov.

London is so far behind. In your dreams, New York.

moscow night bus

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  • In fact we have had free wi-fi on the Moscow Metro since 2013, and on most major city bus, trolleybus and tram routes since 2014. It’s only a few routes which haven’t come on-line, and they are in the final phase. Suburban train routes are also being equipped.

    I have already posted from on board the Moscow Metro, in fact.

  • As far as Britain goes, I would far rather any investment in buses went toward improving rural service — frequency, punctuality, service after 6:00 p.m. and on weekends, and connections to other lines and services coordinated. The WiFi junkies will just have to wait till they get to their nearest caf.

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