Buying a cello seat? You may pay 6 times more…

Buying a cello seat? You may pay 6 times more…


norman lebrecht

January 29, 2016

From Slipped Disc reader, Jennivine Doo:

Here’s our experience with United with purchasing a cello seat:
Purchase your cello seat separately from passenger seat with United, you may end up paying 6 times more than what you were quoted over the phone, but won’t find out till you receive your credit card statement because United does not send an email receipt of the cello seat within the 24 hour cancellation period. In fact, after more than one month of request, I have NEVER received a receipt.

After we booked our daughter flight for the 2 week Christmas break, she wanted to know if she can bring her cello back home to record her audition….

Read more here.

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  • CA says:

    I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure that there’s a voice on the phone which says “your credit card will be charged $x. If this is correct, please press 1” or, when booking online, the total to be charged is definitely displayed (you might have to scroll to the very bottom to see it) and one has to ok that by pressing the “continue” box before proceeding. Also, you can save screen shots of the confirmation that pops up online right away as a safety, in case the email receipt doesn’t come through or is delayed, which for some reason is not always instantly.

  • bratschegirl says:

    The “Read more here” at the end of this post links to yesterday’s post about Nathan Chan and WestJet…

    • Max Grimm says:

      He’s referring to the rest of Mrs Doo’s post (first post in the comments section of yesterdays Nathan Chan/WestJet thread).

      • bratschegirl says:

        Thanks. I was confused because when I followed the link, it showed zero comments on that post; even after seeing your comment here, I had to go to that post and then refresh the page to see the comments. This is happening to me all the time lately on Slipped Disc, and only here; new posts and new comments don’t show up without reloading the page. Curious.