Boulez is seen on a bus stop in Chicago

Boulez is seen on a bus stop in Chicago


norman lebrecht

January 29, 2016

boulez bus stop chicago (1)

Immortality assured.


  • John Borstlap says:

    As we know, bus stops are the best garantee for musical immortality.

  • Nicola Lefanu says:

    As Sibelius said – nobody raised a statue for a critic.

  • Robert says:

    Ya know… There’s a famous case in Los Angeles of a woman creating celebrity demand for herself just by getting her image put on otherwise unleased billboard space around the city.

    No reality show, only two visible talents, but it worked.

    Smart symphony marketers ought to be able to do better than that with talented subjects.


    • Stephen Jablonsky says:

      Yes. There was time when you couldn’t miss Angeline if you went down Sunset Boulevard. Like so many of us she dreamed of being famous without realizing that when you do become famous your previous, delightfully anonymous, life is gone and you now belong to the public and they will have their way with you, like it or not. Dream on…

  • nicola lefanu says:

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