A New York music teacher died alone, found 2 years later

A Harrowing story from the Portland Herald.

Neighbors had long wondered whether something might have happened to the woman with the distinctive, wild red hair who lived alone in a tidy white mobile home not far off Route 109.

Mail had been piling up for so long that the post office began returning it to senders.

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piano on the edge

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  • Hard to imagine how the police visited that house after she had been not collecting her mail for a year and noticed nothing odd about that.

    If you ever wonder why the police solve only a small fraction of reported crimes it, here you have an example of them using every possible unlikely explanation for an obvious clue as an excuse not to pursue it.

  • There are many music colleagues of Lucie’s who will tell you of her great talent as a flautist and teacher. She treasured her privacy. It is tragic that she died alone and even more that it took so long for anyone to know. May she rest in peace.

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