Which 2015 artist had most hits on Slipped Disc?

It has been a year of steady growth on the world’s most visited classical site. There have been no earth-shattering events and few spectacular exclusives.

We are heading for 14 million visitors through the course of the calendar year. And we’re examining the most-read stories of the year, a piece of analysis that throws up more than a few surprises.

Who do you think got the most hits in 2015?

netrebko carnegie

valery-gergiev ossetia

lang lang doctor

joyce on her knees

yo yo ma, aged 7

peter gelb tv

martha argerich

sibelius gallen-kalleia-drunk

kaufmann bbc

10 hilary hahn latest


11 None of the above?

Answer on Monday.

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  • Peter Gelb and the Met probs certaInly generated a ton of comments at various times. Happy New Year Norman and thx for the daily update.

  • I certainly wouldn’t dream of calling Peter Gelb an “artist”! But it has to be between him and Lang Lang with the vast majority of comments being on the negative columns!!

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