Watch New York Philharmonic bow down to Kansas conquerors

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joyce didonato kansas

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    • Yes! A craven betrayal of the rich heritage of the Western Classical Music canon and the New York Philharmonic, which was once led by Gustav Mahler for crying out loud. How they can salvage their collective dignity and perform any kind of decent music with any semblance of credibility ever again is beyond the imagination of any right-thinking classical music lover.

      And whoever that conductor is needs to lose at least 20 pounds before he can be good at conducting or anything else.

      • That’s what conductors look like when they’re not wearing tails. Orthopedists should know these things. Speaking of orthopedics, your missing funnybone is showing.

  • I attended the open rehearsal. What fun!

    The rehearsal was also interesting to attend, since we got to hear both finalists for the EH chair rehearse Swan of Tuonela.

  • The Kansas City Royals play in Missouri, not Kansas. It is true that JDD is from the Kansas suburbs of KC Missouri.

    • JDD was born in Kansas City KS (suburb of Prairie Village), but presently lives in Kansas City, MO. I became a Royals fan after watching the second World Series. Their play is poetry in motion, full of skill, integrity, and courage. Musicians would do well to take their beautiful execution as a personal model. JDD reports she followed the box scores from the time she was seven, and look at how SHE turned out! Go Royals! (. . . and I live in TWINS territory . . . )

  • I state up front that I am a great Royals fan from the NYC area.

    While the Royals do play in Missouri, the Royals fan reach extends into Kansas and some of the other nearby states. The KC metropolitan area is almost 50/50 KS and MO.

    DiDonato is wonderful as always, and I think this is great! Gilbert handled it in the levity of the moment that it should have been.

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