Studio news: Khatia Bun will play on Coldplay’s new album

Studio news: Khatia Bun will play on Coldplay’s new album


norman lebrecht

December 08, 2015

Of all the pianists on earth, Coldplay have chosen the Georgian soloist Khatia Buniatishvili to appear on their forthcoming album, A Head Full of Dreams.

Apparently, the album will also feature a recording of President Obama singing ‘Amazing Grace’.

khatia bun


  • Eddie Mars says:

    Figures, doesn’t it?

  • Furzwängler says:

    Sounds about right for the Bunny. The muzak produced by Coldplay, like that of David Grey, was once described as “music to commit suicide to”.

  • Stephen says:

    I wouldn’t condemn her at all – it is such a shame that many gifted pianists get so few recording opportunists now.

  • Dave says:

    Weren’t they described as “a poor substitute for silence”?

  • Alvaro says:

    “Forthcoming album” – Says A LOT about how much mr. Lebrecht actually knows about anything outside the microworld of classical.

    Coldplay’s album was released already, and I have heard it all in Apple Music. I had no idea Buniatishvili was there, but just as Lang Lang in the Grammys, it gives you the feeling that ‘its just another decent studio Pianist’.

    LThat’s what classical music is these days: the best the (As Lebrecht names them) SUPERSTARS of classical music is to be a bit better paid than a studio musician in Hollywood. Nothing is added to classical music, nor is there ANY overt reference that it is a ‘special pianist’ and not yet another plain Vainilla keyboard puncher.

    In fact, multiple times I simply thought that the singer was the one who is playing (which most likely will be the case, as he plays decent piano himself.

    Well…its time for you outdated people to give us all lessons on what’s acceptable music or not. Meanwhile, the world keeps moving without giving a @#$%@ at ALL about your opinion.

    Fire away ! ;)…..