Qobuz is rescued from bankruptcy

Yves Riesel, the Qobuz founder, has told out colleagues at resmusica that his struggling classical downloads and streaming site has been saved by Denis Thébaud, owner of the video games company, Xandrie. Qobuz, operating in France, went into receivership last month.

According to Riesel, Xandrie will integrate Qobuz into its platform and cover Qobuz losses for the next three years.



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  • Dear Norman Lebrecht,

    1- Qobuz is not only a “classical downloads site” but mainly a streaming site today
    2- Xandrie is a compagny, not a “video games site”
    3- Xandrie is the owner of the website “Allbrary”, not specialized in video-games, but also in books, software, and now music

  • I note that Qobuz is the streaming site aggressively pushed by the folks at GRAMOPHONE mag, while Spotify is the one that weathers the storms. Huh.

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