Opera lifts curtain on full list of applicants for artistic director

Opera lifts curtain on full list of applicants for artistic director


norman lebrecht

December 10, 2015

In one of those gleaming acts of Scandinavian transparency, Norwegian Opera has published the list of applicants for its vacancy to succeed Per Boye Hansen as artistic director in 2017.

The list includes a 19 year-old student and one Italian who has crashed several companies in his own country.

But there are some interesting candidates from Paris, Rome, Vienna and South America.

Covent Garden might start checking some of those names.

oslo opera

Amanda Vågfelt Almén (19), Student, Strømstad
Ivan Kyurkchiev (no age), Artistic Director, Sofia
Eugenia Arsenis (n.a.), Director-Dramaturg, Ph.d., Athen, New York
Lorenzo Mariani (60), Stage director, Roma
Giuseppe Cuccia (n.a.), Artistic consultant, Palermo
Louis Gentile (n.a.), Teacher, producer, coach, Bonn
Niv Hoffman (43), Assistant director, Vienna
Enrique Carreón-Robledo (n.a.), Visiting Director of Orchestral Studies, Professor of Conducting, Tulsa
Alessio Vlad (60), Artistic Director, Roma
Grimur Grimsson (n.a.), Stage manager og oppsynsmann, Reykjavik
Robert Ernst Castellitz (n.a.), Artistic Director, Freiburg
Marco Spada (n.a.), Artistic Director, Roma
Sam Brown (n.a.), Stage director, London
Christina Harris (n.a.), Project Manager, London
Reinhard Linden (58), Artistic Director, Kiel
Katrin Kolo (44), Founder and Director, Zürich
Henrik Schaefer (n.a.), Music Director, Göteborg
Ludek Golat (61), General Manager, Ostrava
Giuseppe Acquaviva (46), Artistic Director, Livorno
Andreas Fladvad-Geier (n.a.), Ballet and opera advisor, Baden-Baden
Andrejs Zagars (57), Stage director, Riga
Mauro Meli (61), Adjunct professor of management and economy of cultural institutions, Felino
Massimo Guantini (ikke kjent), Artistic director and creator, MilanoRok Rappl (36), Artistic Director, Ljubljana
Annilese Miskimmon (41), General Manager and Artistic Director, Aarhus
Walter Sutcliffe (n.a), Stage director, Berling
Tyrone Patersen (n.a.), Conductor, advisor, Ottawa
Michael Hunt (n.a.), Producer, Hastings
Michal Znaniecki (n.a), Stage director, Warsaw
Leonid Jivetsky (31), Artistic Administrator, Moskva
Elanie Kidd (n.a.), Director of Artistic Planning, Glasgow
Inger Oliv Strand Butel (46), Selvstendig næringsdrivende, Oslo
Didier de Cottignies (59), Artistic Director, Paris
André Heller-Lopes (44), Stage director, Rio de Janeiro
Ivan Van Kalmthout (n.a.), Senior Arts Administrator, London
Lutz Wengler (n.a.), Acting intendant opera and opera director, Mannheim
Gjøril Songvoll (46), Festivalsjef, Oslo
Niels Erik Muus (57), Professor and Director of Opera Masters Progam, Vienna
Alessandro Sangiori (55), Principal Conductor and Artistic Director, Londrina
Espen Selvik (56), Director, Bergen
David Lomeli (n.a.), Assistant Artistic Administrator & Special Projects,
Jon Paul Laka (51), General Manager, Bilbao
Fergus Sheil (n.a.), Artistic Director, Meath



  • The Cuban Stallion says:

    It would be interesting to know if they obtained the candidates’ approval before publishing their names. Depending on their current employment status, this list might create some uncomfortable situations… Otherwise, call me old fashion, but I thought recruitment was usually a confidential process.

    • pnm says:

      For major public appointments in Norway it’s standard practice to publish applicant lists. This is clearly set out in the application process and there’s usually an “opt-in” confidentiality clause. So either these applicants have given their tacit permission for their names to be published or they’ve misread (not read) the conditions — or something’s gone wrong somewhere (unlikely for a high profile thing like this).

  • Peter says:

    That’s nice. All these people now explaining to their current employer why they don’t really want to leave…

  • Eddie Mars says:

    Jivetsky is the stand-out name in this list.

  • Operaadmin says:

    Isn’t one of those people a singer who has only been working in administration at basically the assistant level in America for a year or so. Is that for real? At least there are three or for really good names.

  • Marco says:

    I am an employee of Teatro lirico di Cagliari and i can completely confirm the sentence at the beginning of the article “and one Italian who has crashed several companies in his own country” .
    Unfortunately is my artistic director and before was the intendent.
    During his periods in our company, he accumulated 25 millions € debit and every time he has increased his salary and he gone to another company to destroy, but nothing ever happened.
    Every trial intended to him is systematically cover up even though when there is a circumstances evidence.

  • Paolo Sarpi 2 says:

    shocking to see this confidential process published. No matter how transparent Scandinavia wants to be, this is now threatening existences…
    I don’t see any suitable name on this list for ROH – alas I’m afraid they will all (and many more) show up, causing recruiters a huge loss of life time

    • pnm says:

      It’s not shocking — it’s all part of the game. The really interesting names will be those who have requested confidentiality or who are contacted “informally” by the recruitment team. The above open (unsorted, unvetted) candidate list consists of the usual quota of joke candidates, semi-serious candidates who perhaps see an advantage in the publicity and a few serious candidates who presumably are comfortable having this out in the open for whatever reason. All this barring cock-ups or candidates who haven’t read the small print.

      • AN says:

        The new artistic director was announced today. It is Annilese Miskimmon. Her name is in the official list. Also announced today; Karl Heinz Steffens is the new musical director.