Musicians are spat upon in Dresden anti-Pegida demo

Musicians are spat upon in Dresden anti-Pegida demo


norman lebrecht

December 23, 2015

Members of the Semper Oper who staged a demonstration against the anti-immigrant Pegida movement say they were assaulted and spat upon by rightwing sympathisers.

semper oper anti-pegida demo

Artists gathered on the opera house steps to sing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy in a festive, non-confrontational atmosphere but they could not ignore hostile reactions.

The Semper Oper has taken a strong public stand against xenophobia.

semper anti-pegida

The Staatskapelle’s music director, Christian Thielemann, was not apparently present.

Full report here (auf Deutsch).


  • Eddie Mars says:

    Time the police came in with water-cannons to disperse this menacing Pegida mob. The laughable tosh that these neonazi nutters represent ‘democracy’ is disproven by their *spitting* on local musicians outside their place of work.

    The Pegida nutters are mostly not even locals – they are rent-a-mob Gauleiters flown in from all over Germany and beyond.

    • John says:

      Those who resort to violence are a disgrace and should be punished. This happens on both sides of the political spectrum, as we saw a couple of days ago, when left-wing ‘democracy’ protestors vandalised the Geneva opera house. These people get in the way of proper, reasoned debate, and cause unnecessary and hurtful trouble.

  • Peter says:

    Now where it gets interesting is, who “flys them in”. I suppose the famous “Verfassungsschutz” plays his dirty social engineering games again.
    The Pegida movement is created by Verfassungsschutz zealots. The German right wing subculture is a child of Verfassungsschutz, as has been revealed many times. Its political aim is to neutralize the bottom class left radicals and deflect their force away from the natural upper class capitalist targets toward these bottom class right wingers. Dog eats dog, the upper pigs are safe. No banker must fear to hang from a lamppost. This trick by the authorities is as old as mankind itself.
    Why Dresden? Because a group of the VS zealots have some “differences” with their boss de Maiziere, a Dresden resident by choice…

    • John Borstlap says:

      An utterly insane, paranoid comment, showing a mentality ripe for pegida demonstrations.

    • Max Grimm says:

      “Why Dresden?”
      Because, in the words of a friend “in Dresden ein laues, braunes Lüftchen säuselt”.

      • Peter says:

        That doesn’t “säusel” there more than almost anywhere else, I believe. I know it is speculative, but what have we learned from recent revelations of the deep deep involvement of the VS into the right wing scene? So deeply involved, that some groups had more members that were in some way connected to VS than “ordinary” members…
        Apparently VS is keeping the right wing Neonazi scene alive and kicking, and the only rational behind it is my conjecture above.

  • May says:

    Quote from Lester Lynch from the article from Deutschlandradio:
    “An der Oper leben wir Integration, wir brauchen nur noch eine muslimische Frau in ihrer Burka, die Dirigentin ist.”
    (We live integration in the opera. We just need a muslim in her burka, who is a conductor.)
    I’m not even going to comment on the stupidity of his comment. Rather, what all of the musicians from the Semperoper fail to address, is that Pegida was not founded to express malcontent with all foreigners, rather only those from islamic countries. True, it has drawn all sort of right-wing idiots out of the woodwork and given those people a voice. However the true motive behind the Pegida movement is to give voice to all those who are angry about having to welcome 1,000,000 Muslims to their country, and asking them to pick up the bill as well. German Politicians – instead of solving society’s problems – are creating more problems: the German government doesn’t ask you first if you want migrants, it simply informs you that that empty building in your village is now going to be housing hundreds of them, and by the way, you will be expected to volunteer to clean up the mess after they move on. And all of those requests that you’ve been asking for, whether more money for schools or Kindergartens or fixing that mammoth pothole on your street, you’ll have to wait another hundred years, because all of those Euros that the Government is printing are earmarked for the public sector friends of the government, who are earning a mint on the whole “crisis”. So don’t lump everything together under the rubrik “Fremdenfeindlichkeit.” Germans – even if they don’t condone the Nazi-like behavior of some Pegida-marchers – are fed up with being lied to, and the manufactured “refugee-crisis” is the straw that broke that camel’s back. If Merkel and von der Leyen (defense minister) want to get support for their expensive military adventurers, then don’t do it on the back on working Germans.
    I hope that someday soon, we don’t need the monday Pegida marches, however as long as the Semperoper proclaims, we love everybody, come to Germany, having the demonstrations on their doorstep is actually quit appropriate.

    • Eddie Mars says:

      So you’re with the spitters, May?

      • Peter says:

        Oh please, that’s G.W.Bush kindergarten level. “Who is not with us is against us.”
        Too many Disney movies. Dear fellow Americans, there is a world beyond the childhood “good and bad guys” simplicity. Go figure it out.

        I find it indeed idiotic to react to Pegida with such a comment. (Muslim Burka wearing conductress)
        That means to leave the level of reason and argument, and go down on their level of ignorance, provocation and violence. And I’m afraid they are more experienced there and will win.

        • Ellingtonia says:

          I take it that:-
          – you don’t have muslims that refuse to integrate
          – demand that they be treated differently (we have to conform to them and not visa versa)
          – want the imposition of Sharia law
          – brainwash their children to despise non-muslims (welcome to the madrassa)
          – cover their women from head to foot in black without taking any account of indigenous cultural norms
          – you don’t have gangs of muslim men raping and abusing young girls who they have targeted
          – practice “honour” killings
          – beat and rape their wives because it says it is acceptable in the koran
          I could go on but do let me invite you to parts of the UK where you will find all of the above happening.
          And do remember that there is no such things as islamophobia, it is a mythical construct by paranoid muslims who think they are impervious to criticism.

          • Peter says:

            Your reply was to Eddy I suppose?

          • Eddie Mars says:

            Who can tell? Elly is my personal stalker here on this forum. The throbbing vein on the side of his neck has developed a life of its own.

            One day he might write about classical mus…. no, let’s not even bother hoping, because that’s a topic on which he knows nothing whatsoever.. he’s only here for the bovver.

            Christmas is a sad and lonely time for some. We see them ranting to themselves on the deserted forecourts of railway stations, with only a tin of Special Brew for company. Sad, really.

          • Ellingtonia says:

            I see that Eddie has adopted the policy of attack the messenger if you don’t like the message. And as regards me stalking you, well as long as you write utter drivel I will continue to challenge it
            And as for Peters comments, the difference between them is that muslim terrorists set out deliberately to kill you, the others don’t, just a wee bit of a difference.
            As for the music my Christmas listening will consist of “death thresh metal” mixed with a little Thomas Tallis, Duke Ellington, Mahler and possibly a little Beethoven but nothing intellectual of course…………….

          • Eddie Mars says:

            You mistook me for someone who gives a toss, Elly.

            Ironic how someone whose screen name pays homage to the great black band leader ended up in the White Power movement, isn’t it, mate?

            Hope you choke on your mince pies.

          • Ellingtonia says:

            Ah, dear Eddie plays the last vestige of the scoundrel and screams “racism”……..well let me educate you, islam is a political ideology, it is not a race.
            As for my “pen name” I consider Edward Kennedy Ellington to be one of the 20th centuries greatest musicians, it matter not a jot what the colour of his skin was.
            However, I note you define him as “the great BLACK bandleader”
            I think you need to put your own twisted thinking in order?

  • Doug says:

    You might want to start brushing up on Arabic and Farsi and get your fill of Beethoven now. Once their population hits 50% Sharia will be the law of the land and their will be no debate over “arts funding.” Better yet, don’t teach your children their mother tongue and send them to a Madras now. The so-called “enlightenment” is the end of ideas.

    • Peter says:

      Bah, you scared sheep. That will never happen. These goat herders want smart phones, cars, weapons if necessary, professional porno productions, computers, home multimedia devices, sattelite dishes in the air etc. etc.
      All of that is only possible with scientific and engineering progress, made possible by the western enlightenment.

      Don’t be so scared. After all your chance to be killed by a muslim terrorist is about 10000 times smaller than being killed by a car accident, about 1000 times smaller than being killed by domestic criminals (in the US at least) and about 100 times smaller than being killed by a lightning flash.