Mr Rumbold wrote 13 string quartets

Mr Rumbold wrote 13 string quartets


norman lebrecht

December 08, 2015

Obituaries of Nicholas Smith, who played the floor manager Mr Rumbold in Are You Being Served, report that he wrote string quartets for a hobby. (As one does.)

And one of his proudest moments was holding open a door for Ralph Vaughan Williams.

nicholas smith


  • Charles G. Clark-Maxwell says:

    This is a good point:

    ==the strange thing is that in Henry Irving’s day working class people used to go to the theatre. They may have been up in the ‘gods’, but in those days everyone went. And here we are at the end of the most egalitarian, least class-conscious period that this country has ever had, and yet as far as theatre is concerned there’s this prejudice against going.”

  • Smithson Wright says:

    Great man,