Minnesota is first US orch to play for Syrian refugees

Some two dozen members of the Minn Orch have put together a concert, to be conducted by Osmo Vanska and led by concertmaster Erin Keefe next Sunday, in aid of Syrian refugees.

Tickets are priced at $50 and all proceeds will go to the American Refugee Committee. Booking details here.

erin keefe

Minnesota is the first large music organisation in the US to rally to the humanitarian crisis. In October, Joel Cohen and the Camerata Mediterranea put on an ice-breaker event in Boston. The silence of other arts orgs is stunning.



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  • No, the Minnesota Orchestra is not the first US orchestra to play for Syrian refugees: some individual members of the Minnesota Orchestra have organised something outside the Orchestra.

    It is good to see the money go towards an organisation that helps refugees in their own region, instead of those so-called ‘refugees’ who use the political situation as an opportunity to move illegally through Europe for financial gain. The choice of charity is undoubtedly a wise one.

  • Dear Mr. Lebrecht, could you spare us, in the future, the repulsive and racist comments from this ‘john’?
    Thank you in advance.

    Dear john, i hope from the bottom of my heart that one day you find youself in the same situation than the people you accuse of lying and that you meet your ‘john’.

    • ‘I cannot handle any opinions that differ from my own, so please may you delete them?’
      – Jaypee

      It is a shame you are incapable of handling any kind of debate, Jaypee. My opinion is one supported by the British government and the majority of the British people.

      • Someone who writes “so-called ‘refugees’ who use the political situation as an opportunity to move illegally through Europe for financial gain” doesn’t merely have a “different opinion.”
        This person is a bigot, a racist and a hypocrite.
        And I don’t care for your British government or British people.

        • Perhaps you are true: that is not giving an opinion, but describing a well-known fact about groups of economic migrants claiming to be ‘refugees’ for their own selfish gain (and committing crimes whilst doing so).

          ‘I don’t care for your British people.’ That, Jaypee, smells strongly of racism. Then again, people like you, on the hysterical left, are full of hypocritical contradictions.

  • There are very few fundraisers by arts groups for Syrian refugees because there are very Actual refugees in the USA. It’s shameful- canada with 32 million people are taking in 25,000 now. The USA with 300 million people are taking in I believe 10,000. Of course everyone else’s efforts pale by comparison to germanys, who are doing all the right and humane things.

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