Melbourne loses a third orchestra manager

First Matthew Van Besien left the Melbourne Symphony to the New York Philharmonic. Got made an offer too good to refuse.

Then André Gremillet went to the Cleveland Orchestra. Ditto.

Now Richard Evans (pictured) has quit to join the Australian Chamber Orchestra. Not quite the same league.

Sounds like Melbourne might have a non-stick problem.


richard evans aco

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  • Hi Norman! Richard was employed as an interim MD at MSO while the search for a replacement for André Gremillet was underway. Nice gigs for all three of them though! Expecting an appointment in early 2016.

  • Ava Gardner described Melbourne as “the perfect place to make a film about the end of the world.”
    Couldn’t agree more.

    • Journalist Neil Jillet has admitted making up the story that Ava Gardner said Melbourne was a great place to make a film about the end of the world. He thought people like you would enjoy it.

  • ‘Not quite the same league’? The ACO certainly is!

    And for those writing snide comments, you clearly have not been listening to the MSO & it’s Chorus, or enjoyed one of the great cultural cities of the world. Please visit!

  • Both MSO and ACO are packed full of smart, committed and very talented musicians.

    If you’re too far away to experience this first hand, you can always picked up ACO’s Grammy Award winning recording of Winter Morning Walks with soprano Dawn Upshaw.

  • From 2014: Neil Fisher – The Times:

    ‘The Melbourne Symphony are debutants at the Proms, but at the age of 108, Australia’s oldest orchestra actually beats all but one of London’s bands for longevity. Its pedigree was shown off under new music director Andrew Davis, who took over last year: the chemistry is clearly working.’««««

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