‘Lovely guy, great teacher who got me inspired and wanting to learn music’

That’s what one past student wrote on Rate My Teachers about Keiran Hope, former head of music at Sandon School, in Chelmsord, Essex.

Hope, 33, was jailed last week for 11 and a half years for seducing a 13 year-old student, among other offences.

The judge said: ‘You are clearly a gifted and inspirational teacher. You knew the rules, but you arrogantly broke them and ignored the warnings you were given. Young women need to be protected and society will not tolerate behaviour such as yours. You are a sexual predator who pressurised those young girls to give in to your sexual requests.’
keiran hope

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  • Yes, in American it is “pressurized”. 🙂

    I think correct usage would be “pressured”, though “harassed” is better.

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