Khatia Bun opens her heart to Coldplay

Khatia Bun opens her heart to Coldplay


norman lebrecht

December 10, 2015

The Georgian pianist has found love in a cold play.


khatia bun with chris martin



Dear Chris,
Last night in Paris first time in my life I assisted to your concert.
Last night first time after the attack in Paris I felt the heartbeat of the city that was on hold not knowing what to choose – love or hate.
Last night first time since 13th of November I felt blood reaching my tensed heart to open, to be able to give and receive again. Your music, your infinite capacity of loving everything and everyone made it happen. Standing in the public with the strangers feeling so close to them,we danced, we cried, we weren’t thirsty of revenge but of love. There was nothing to share as we were one.
Last night it happened in Paris…
Can you imagine there are countries where people are not allowed to love, to dance, to lough, to feel freedom because dictators and terrorists would not allow them. They are punished, killed, tortured just because they let out the scream of freedom that human as a new born experiences from the first second of the moment they leave mother’s internal world and feel the air of this magic universe. I know you fight against this brutality not with a sword but with love.

While I was listening “a head full of dreams”, me all frozen inside, entered a world of different emotions.You mixed different musical styles, in result you erased style and let the music be eternal without frames. You didn’t try to make this emotions all positive, you let everything in – despair, hope, disappointment,anger,love. Without despair hope wouldn’t appear and without darkness light wouldn’t be appreciated.The music awaked all of them in me without realizing which one of them was more important and at the end I felt how blood started to circulate. I was happy -I was alive. I felt that while being alive there is always a hope.

Thank you for letting me be part of this album. When you proposed to collaborate you opened the door of your profound musical universe and helped me, as a genius mentor, to open mine. You convinced me that when two musical universe open to each other and create, it could never be so called”cross-over”, it can only be a real “music making.”You showed me your music as a beautiful bud and taught me how to make it blossom. Do people know how you love,feel and know classical music? Do they know how you feel phrases, harmonies and how you make a dramaturgy of each song and album? Probably not but they feel it. Behind each word and sound you produce is a profound, sophisticated meaning but you never complicate,because you speak directly to each human soul. As all wisdom your language is simple.

In Georgia we have a tree that we call “a tree of wishes” where children leave the pieces of tissues to make their dreams come true. As a child I left my wish on this tree- world piece and love. In your head full of dreams,in Kaleidoscope,on a very short sequence of harmonies, with Rumi’s poetry revived by Coleman Barks’s voice and grace of President Obama, my childhood dream, as well as many kids from Georgia and all over the world, is embedded forever.

Thank you, Chris! Thank you Coldplay!

khatia bun with chris martin


  • Olaugh Turchev says:

    Is this a joke or for real?

  • Alvaro says:

    Norman, has your desperation for ANY relevance reached such levels? Everybody please check this out:

    The description of the album mentions Obama, et al, and the piece where she participates lasts ONE MINUTE AND A HALF! and even then, she plays for less than 1/2 of the piece.

    Your classical superstar is basically an overblown studio musician. Sorry.

    Classical musicians have tried to ‘be cool’ for the past 30 years, with very little to show for. What needs to happen for them to change strategies?

  • Vaquero357 says:

    I could Google it or hit Wikipedia out what “Coldplay” is. Would it be worth the effort??

  • Ravi Narasimhan says:

    This takes purple prose into the deep ultraviolet.

  • Count Tostoff says:

    That photo can’t be genuine for the simple reason that she is fully clothed.

  • Fryderyk says:

    “world piece and love” (sic) — priceless! That’s when a typo can say it all.