Just in: US visa trouble kills Swingle Singers tour

Just in: US visa trouble kills Swingle Singers tour


norman lebrecht

December 11, 2015

A statement from IMG Artists: ‘The Swingles Singers are unable to travel to the U.S. due to visa issues that are beyond their control.’

The ‘issues’ have forced the cancellation of an entire Christmas tour by the UK-based group, including concerts in Atlanta, Virginia and North Carolina.

It is the largest classical cancellation so far, caused apparently by delays in issuing visas.

It’s only a matter of time before symphony orchestra is turned back.

swingle singers

Here’s what America won’t be hearing.


  • Doug says:

    They should convert to Islam. They’d get an invitation to the White House. The so-called “Department if Justice” would prosecute anyone expressing any crticism of a performance for wrong-thinking.

  • Holger H. says:

    One more little tale of the emerging fascist United States, a country taken over by corporate interest with and a ignorant and lazy couch potato population easily pressed into compliance by simple social engineering tricks. Good bye land of the free. Hello totalitarian rule.
    Btw, it says nowhere that totalitarian systems have to be poor with low standards of living. Totalitarian states with high standards of living do exist.

  • Jon H says:

    The a cappella groups are a major national security threat, especially around Christmas time when they sing controversial tunes like Silent night and Away in a manger.

  • Dan P. says:

    Maybe it’s unwise to sling such epithets as fascist or use the groups entry problems as an excuse for race baiting until it’s clear what exactly was the issue – if there was an issue outside of the results of reducing the number of gov’t employees serving an ever-increasing number of visitors.

    • Holger H. says:

      Well, fascist is correct regardless of such minor problems. Two main definitive characteristics of a fascist state:

      1.) corporative organization of the economy that suppresses trade union liberty, broadens the sphere of state intervention, and seeks to achieve, by principles of technocracy and solidarity, the collaboration of the ‘productive sectors’ under control of the regime, to achieve its goals of power, yet preserving private property and class divisions;

      2.) a foreign policy inspired by the myth of national power and greatness, with the goal of imperialist expansion.


      That’s the USA of today…

      • Scott Fields says:

        Just out of curiosity, Holger, do you live in a country that the United States could use as a model? Which is it?

  • Ivan says:

    Closer to the truth may be that IMGA mucked up the visa process. Either filed too late and didn’t leave enough time for the interviews or something else consistent with how that agency operates, now, in the post IMG World / Mark McCormack era.