Just in: Sacked Dorny wins dismissal case

The Lyon Opera boss Serge Dorny, who was sacked before he could start work at the Semper Oper Dresden, has won the first round of his claim for unfair dismissal.

The arts minister told the court that Dorny could not get on with the chief conductor, Christian Thielemann.

But Dorny, who stayed away from the hearing, maintained through his lawyers that his rights had been breached.

He is claiming 1.5 million Euros in compensation.

serge dorny

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    • Are you sure he is not (and btw you might take the trouble to spell his name correctly: it is *Thielemann*) a neocon, right-wing, Daily Mail-reading, crypto-fascist Daily Telegraph-reading, anti-Corbinyst, running lackey-dog so hated by you? Talk about clowns…

      • Empty ad hominem tosh.

        One day you’ll post about music. But no… there’s a reason you won’t do that…

  • Of course he deserves a reasonable compensation. The fault lies completely with his prospective employer, the state government of Saxonia.
    They signed him exactly BECAUSE they saw the need of a counter force to Thielemann, but played the game like amateurs. The music director’s fine Machiavellian trained nose smelled the threat and countered the intrigue quite easily.

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