Just in: Madrid’s Teatro Real gets 10 percent boost

The outgoing Spanish government has authorised a 10 percent grant increase to the Real in the next fiscal year.

The theatre will receive a subsidy of 48,161,775 euros in 2016 – around three times the public grant to London’s English National Opera.

Details here (in Spanish).


teatro real

h/t: Dianne Winsor

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  • I think you have misundertood the figures: €48,161,775 is the whole budget for 2016. From this budget, the public subsidy are €13,611,241 (with an increase of 3% over last year). The rest are €11,823,950 of private sponsorship (+ 13%) and €22,714,585 from own resources (tickets, rental and sale of productions, rental of rooms for private acts, guided tours, etc.), a 13.5% more than last year.

    The amount for the artistic budget (from the total budget) is €15,459,606

    • I am surprised the artistic budget is less than a third of the total budget. What do they spend the rest on I wonder? Does this also include salaries for orchestra and chorus as well as administrative costs?

      • The press note gives no details about it, but explicitly says of this part of the budget: “intended for productions” (Opera Productions, presumably)

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