Just in: Lucas Debargue premieres his own sonata

Just in: Lucas Debargue premieres his own sonata


norman lebrecht

December 25, 2015

The Tchaikovsky finals pianist is presently storming Russia with his own music, a new sonata for cello and piano.

He told Russian TV:
‘I knew that if I go to the finals of the Tchaikovsky Competition I would be invited for concerts but I did not imagine I’d be so in demand and that Russia would love me. The concert in the Chamber Hall is particularly important to me – it’s a prize from the critics.

‘This is the Russian premiere of my sonata, I wrote it a month ago. Composing music is an amazing process. You have to completely erase your ego, to become empty, a bystander and allow the music to flow through you and out of you.’

Report here.


  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    Lucas, I don’t think you erase your ego when you compose. I think what you mean is that you allow a spirit of energy to go through your inner self (ego) to create something new, rather than re-create something that already exists by other composers. It is an amazing process, and many composers often wonder, ‘how did I ever write that?’ My great teacher once said, ‘we don’t change, we simply reveal ourselves more’. Perhaps the life events you have been experiencing has made you evolve and find the intense desire to put your feelings into music of your own, which best expresses your emotions as most composers will agree. I wish you a blessed holiday and hope the muse strikes often for you to share beautiful music with the world.

  • Milka says:

    Now we get the brainless blather on what it means to compose music .
    Spirit of energy , ego and so on , it never seems to end .