It’s official: In the US, Elvis is now designated ‘classical’

If I can dream, by Elvis Presley, has been included in the US classical crossover charts, as applied by Nielsen Soundscan.

This week, Elvis is in second place, behind Andrea Bocelli and with 14,000 fewer sales.

elvis rpo

I guess to be classified as classical you have to show that you’re selling very few records.

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  • I suppose the cretins who compile the list require only that a composer/performer be deceased to be “classical”.

    • Yes and the barcarolle from Tales of Hoffman in Tonight is so Right for Love on the flip side of the Wooden Heart single from GI Blues. But only in the UK and certain territories, not USA.
      Don’t ask me why.
      It would have suited Beecham who said he preferred Offenbach to Bach.

  • I can appreciate and enjoy Elvis for what he was, but, please, let us stop the, never ending dumbing down of the Hard Work that it takes to be a “Classical” (for want of a more accurate word) composer or performer. “Classical” music cannot survive if it is not recognized as being Special.

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